Contents: 100% Certified Organic Cotton

This product was hand dyed using some of the most low-impact dyestuffs available and are completely free of metals. Our dyers use three things to help the dyes bind to the organic cotton fiber: a special vinegar-base detergent, a degradable fixative (soda ash), and extra time for the dyes to ‘cure’.

With all of the above, some color bleeding may still occur when washed. The ‘wash-off’ is actually excess dye and the Pink and Blue colors produce the most wash-off. So please always wash this Hand Dyed product with like colors or dark colors. Since water promotes bleeding, do not leave wet hand dyed garments in a washing machine. Please remove promptly from the wash and either hang or machine dry.

This Hand Dyed product was created using extra time and effort, and with extra care in using it, it will provide continued great wear.

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Washing Instructions: Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry Low