I just wanted to thank you for the pair of lightweight tights you gave me at Expo East. I have been wearing them all the time & love them!... I think these tights seem to be more durable to me than other tights. I really enjoyed hearing about your ventures in bringing social justice to the workers in your production chain. What you are doing is truly inspiring & laudable. I look forward to seeing the video about it when it's complete!

~ Shelley whatsorganicmovie.org

I have just tried your light tights and I LOVE the fit!

~ Melissa, OR

As somebody who does not like to wear "pantyhose", I found these lightweight tights to be extremely comfortable. Definitely recommend for those occasions when you have to dress up a bit.

~ Amie, Michigan

Wow, I love them! The waist band doesn't cause me to feel like I'm being strangled (I am a thin woman at 5' 5" and I find a lot of nylons are overly tight at the waist and it causes me discomfort at times) These are amazingly durable, and I am about ready to purchase more. These last so much longer than the cheapies found in Walmart or other stores like it, and they are soft ^_^ Thank you for making this product!

~ CV, Georgia

I'm so happy with these tights, they are so soft!

~ Gabrielle, New York

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