Love the NEW striped cushion crews. So comfortable and stylish. Keep up the great work Maggie's.

~ Iliana, Ann Arbor, MI

I write to give praise! Having taken a chance on your new OC striped, cushion crew socks... they kick the camel's ass!!!!!!!!!!!! Needing something for work, nothing fancy, rather non-negotiable in function, it was difficult at best to find a snug fit. Rather, 'twas at a co-op in VT (while on a road trip) when I haphazardly stumbled upon such delightful serendipity! Something in my heart simply knew. I bought not one pair, but two. As an outdoor athlete, I've sported my share of socks. Most don't last, most stretch after few uses, most fade, rip, tear, and eventually get trashed well before their expiration date. (for the record, they take early retirement, earning prime status in the oil rag bin). Maggies????? Not a chance in hell. They fit, they perform. They breathe. They take the use, abuse, times o'er. Good: Made in U.S. of A! Better: Organic Cotton. Best: You've got me. Next on tap: Maggie's Scarves! KEEP IT REAL. Much like good cheer, rest assure: word will be spread. :) Appreciatively!

~ Leslie, NH

I just want to say I love the new (striped) socks. I have tried to love the all cotton as I believe in them in theory but the truth is I need a little something to keep my socks tight and from slouching. Finally I have an organic choice that does that....

~ T.G, NY


~ Pam, Texas

The cushioned crew socks are the best socks hands down, or should I say feet down! They stay up - no falling down around the ankles. They are a nice weight, not too thick and not too thin and are cushioned just right in the soles. After many washing's ( I find it best to wash them inside out), they stay like new and oh so soft. Thank you Maggie's for creating the perfect sock!

~ Pam, Texas

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